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Why Is A Skip Bin Called A Skip Bin?

Skip bins are large containers, usually rectangular, with a wide opening; they are used to throw or dispose of waste. People sell or provide skip bins hire Brisbane according to individual needs. Skip bin is popular in Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. They are called skip bins, not just bins or dustbins in these countries. Have you wondered why it is called a skip bin? In this blog, we will explain why a skip bin is called a skip bin, not just a bin or dumpster bin.

How And From Where Did The Term “Skip Bin” Originate?

During the time of the Industrial Revolution, the term “skip bin” originated. It generally means a container with a large opening and regular shape used to throw or transport materials such as rubble, soil, or waste. The term “skip” comes from the term “skip” or “skipped”, which in modern English means a basket or container. Government authorities collect waste from skip bins and transport it to waste management facilities. You can also hire Brissy Bins for fast waste removal in Brisbane

A skip bin is used to collect waste or recyclable material and is also used for transporting. In these bins, waste material is collected and then loaded in a truck, which transports it to a recycling facility. You can get a skip bin as per your requirement, and for this, you must know how to save money on skip bin hire in Brisbane. In addition, the skip bins come in different sizes and colours. Each colour signifies a specific type of waste. Separating waste according to the type helps in effective waste management and reduces the negative impact on the environment. 

Different Types Of Bin And Lid Colours and Their Uses

  • A dark green or black coloured bin with a red colour lid is used to dispose of general waste. 
  • A yellow colour lid with a dark green or black colour bin is used for mixed recycling. 
  • A Lime Green colour lid with a dark green or black colour bin is used to dispose of green or organic waste. To get bin size per your requirement, you can get skip bin hire Brisbane.
  • A black or dark green bin with a burgundy lid is used to dispose of food waste. 
  • A blue lid with a black or dark green bin collects paper and cardboard recycling waste material. 
  • A black or green bin with an orange colour lid is used to dispose of soft plastic recycling materials. 

These bins come in different types and sizes to hire. For each area, a local government authority provides regulations and instructions related to what can be disposed of in a skip bin and what cannot be disposed of, depending on its colour. Hence, you must follow these instructions and dispose of the waste accordingly. You can also get skip bin hire Brisbane from Brissy Bins. 


Skip bins are essential as they help in effective waste management and play a crucial role in many waste management programs initiated by the government. These bins are available in different colours and sizes, which helps separate the waste material according to its type. Organic waste is used to form compost, and recycling material is used. Similarly, other waste is disposed of effectively depending on their type. For fast waste removal in Brisbane, hire Brissy Bins.

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