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What Waste Can Or Cannot Be Thrown In A Green Bin?

Fast waste removal in Brisbane is essential to maintain the cleanliness of residences as well as businesses of the community. There are several waste disposal bins, each with a specified type of waste that can help to build an effective waste disposal system. Read on to understand the use of your green bins and the kind of waste you can throw in them. 

What Are Green Bins?

A green bin is also known as the food or organics bin. It is a waste disposal bin with a lime green lid specifically for compostable waste such as food scraps, vegetable and fruit leftovers, plants, lawn clippings and more. Like any other bin, the green bin is collected on the designated day of your street’s waste collection. The objective of these green bins is to reduce the usage of landfills and support sustainability.

What Is A Kitchen Caddy?

A kitchen caddy refers to a small container that most families keep in their kitchen. It makes waste disposal easier and more convenient as the waste can later be transferred to the green bins. These are mainly for the apartments or complexes that share a green bin. 

What Is The Waste That Can Be Thrown In Green Bins?

The bins with a lime green lid, which are also known as garden waste bins or green bins, can be used for the following types of waste:

  • Garden waste, garden organics and prunings, including flowers, leaves, twigs and weeds. 
  • Garden clippings, lantana, tree nuts and leaves. 
  • Straw and hay.
  • Food waste and other food organics include fruits, vegetables and solid dairy products like milk and cheese.
  • Meat, fish and bones.
  • Soft seafood shells such as prawns, shrimps, crayfish or lobsters.
  • Food scraps include pasta, fruits, egg shells, rice or bread.
  • Coffee grounds and tea leaves.
  • Rotten or spoiled food. 

Different areas have different policies regarding fast waste removal in Brisbane therefore, getting the list of waste you can throw in green bins checked once is better. Many lime green-lidded bins in several areas are only for the green organic waste, not food. 

What Is The Appropriate Way To Dispose Of Waste In Green Bins?

The right way to use green bins that would also increase their effectiveness is to use them specifically for compostable matter or waste. Some of the tips that you can use while disposing of waste in green bins include:

  • Don’t use materials like plastic bags, liners or packaging while disposing of the waste in the green bins.
  • Check twice for any inorganic matter in your green waste before throwing it away. 
  • Cut palm branches and other large organic items into small pieces if possible. 
  • Plan your mowing time to get done before the collection day is over.
  • Educate your children about the importance of fast waste removal.

You can hire skip bins in Brisbane if you have considerable waste to remove and require an effective service to help you through. 

What Not To Put In A Green Bin?

Knowing what should not be thrown in the green bins is just as important as understanding what should be thrown in it. To dispose of the waste in the correct bins, we have mentioned below a list of the waste and their designated bins.

Landfills bins

These are the general rubbish bins with red lids that go to the landfills. These include waste like:

  • General waste
  • Broken window glass
  • Nappies
  • Wax-coated, glossy paper
  • Food packaging, unless it is recyclable
  • Pet or animal manure
  • Plastic bag and soft plastic
  • Dog poo

Recycle Bins.

These are the bins that have yellow lids and are used for recyclable stuff like: 

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Aluminium cans and foil, steel cans and trays
  • Glass jars, bottles and lids
  • Rigid household plastics and their lids. This includes milk bottles, soft drink bottles, yoghurts, washing detergent bottles and similar products.

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