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When you have a large cleanup or renovation job coming up, it is critical to prepare ahead for the best approach to dispose of waste. With Brissy Bins and a wealth of industry experience, we can definitely claim that a skip bin is the most effective waste disposal device, thus it’s great that Brissy Bins is entirely dedicated to supplying skip bins in Brisbane.

A skip bin is typically the best option for getting rid of a large amount of waste, but there are several things you should know before making the commitment to hire one. To provide a pleasant experience while leasing a skip, we will go through what may and cannot be placed in the dumpsters.

Tires Should Not Be Dumped in Skip Bins

The Types of Trash That Can Be Dumped in Skip Bins

Because skip bins are versatile, they may be used to dispose of a range of garbages. Brissy Bins is the place to go if you need to lease a skip in Brisbane. Our skips can hold all types of rubbish, including conventional trash, Green Waste Skip Bins, and a mix of the two.


General waste includes all types of waste, whether home or commercial (up to 1000kg total). When it comes time for your normal garbage collection, just put the most unneeded goods, junk, and rubbish into skip bins. You may dispose of your unwanted stuff here, whether they be furniture, electronics, cardboard, or paper. Before commencing a restoration job, look for skip bins in Brisbane Southside to quickly dispose of general garbage, which includes industrial, building, and construction debris such as nails, lumber, and more.


Garden waste should only be disposed of in the green bin. Everything is fair game, from tree trunks and branches to grass and bark. Each time you prune or trim your garden, you must eliminate the green waste. Brissy Bins offers more than just rubbish skip bins; we also provide garden skip bins, garden bags, and garden bins to handle all of your yard garbage.


When we say “mixed waste,” we mean a combination of garbage and compost. Before you begin your lengthy spring cleaning, get rid of the rubbish in your house and yard. If you require Skip Bins Brisbane Southside, please contact Brissy Bins. Our rubbish bins are flexible enough to contain both normal waste and more exotic stuff.

Skip Bin Prohibited Items

As you can see, skip bins are suited for a wide range of rubbish, which helps to explain why they are so popular. Liquid paints, gas bottles, chemicals, hazardous garbage, and other items are not permitted in skip bins. While looking for skip bins in Brisbane Southside, keep in mind that you cannot dispose of flammable, poisonous, or otherwise hazardous goods. If you need to dispose of dangerous materials, inform the skip bin rental business.


Skip bins are the most effective way to remove rubbish. Skip bins are popular in Brisbane’s Southside, but before you hire one, you need know what may and cannot be placed inside. The skip bins are appropriate for regular waste, green waste, and mixed waste. Dangerous goods, such as chemicals, liquid paints, gas bottles, and hazardous garbage, should not be disposed of in skip bins. Contact Brissy Bins at 07 3162 5455 to arrange for a Skip Bin Hire  to be delivered so that you may dispose of your domestic waste, yard debris, and other types of rubbish.

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