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Uncovering The Stats Of Waste Generation In Australia

Proper waste disposal is necessary to minimise environmental problems. For this, it is also essential to generate less waste and adequately manage the generated waste. People should practise the right strategies, such as skip bin hire in Brisbane and dispose of the waste in the skip bins. Let us see how much waste is generated in Australia and its major states.

National Overview

The waste generated by Australia in 2018-19 was 76 million tonnes, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The maximum amount spent on waste management and services was by the construction industry. The government aims to divert the maximum percentage of waste from landfills. The government seeks to design proper waste management plans by 2030 per the National Waste Policy Action Plan 2019. In this, the government plans to ban the export of waste and reduce total waste produced in Australia by 10% per person by 2030. 

State Overview

To effectively manage waste many local authorities encourage people to do effective waste management. Also, there are companies like Brissy Bins, which provides fast waste removal in Brisbane. Individual citizens must take responsibility for disposing of waste properly. Now, let us focus on some of the major states and their data on waste generation. 

New South Wales (NSW)

The NSW state generates approximately 800,000 tonnes of plastic yearly, of which only 10% is recycled. The states have devised different strategies and policies to manage the waste effectively and ensure its proper disposal. Although NSW has a lot of work to do, they are on the right track.

Victoria (VIC)

The state government has recently implemented various changes in its recycling and waste strategies. 93% of the plastic from municipal and commercial sectors was recovered for reprocessing. Also, 10.77 million tonnes of waste was recovered for reprocessing by the state government. People also take the initiative and get skip bins hire Brisbane for proper waste disposal as there are various advantages of using skip bins.

Queensland (QLD)

Queensland had to make extra efforts to combat the pollution problem because of the major floods it experienced in early 2022. It caused multiple destructions and wastes in the landfills. To combat this issue, the state aims to build a robust infrastructure to mitigate such destruction. In 2021-22, the state generated 9.2 million tonnes of waste, which is 0.4% less than in the previous year. In addition, 79% of the materials recovered were recycled. People in the state are encouraged to use skip bin hire Brisbane to ensure proper waste disposal.

South Australia (SA)

South Australia performed the best in 2020-21 compared to other states. It successfully recovered 80% of the resources and aims to be the first state in Australia to be a 100% renewable energy producer by the year 2030. The state recovered 3.99 million tonnes of material in 2021-22. It is essential for people to also help the government, as improper waste disposal has negative consequences.


Australia generates a lot of waste, and its proper disposal is essential. To combat the increasing pollution problem, the government is taking initiatives and encouraging people to contribute. Also, companies like Brissy Bins provide fast waste removal in Brisbane, which helps keep the environment clean and hygienic.

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