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Thank you for choosing Mick’s Bins and supporting a family owned and operated business. To ensure efficient and safe service, the following terms and conditions apply.

Standard Hire of Skip Bins is 1-7 days –  unless otherwise pre-arranged.
Delivery Access-  minimum access to place Skip Bin is a height clearance of 4m and width clearance of 3m.  If access is blocked on delivery / collection date and we have to return at a later date then an additional  $100.00 callout fee applies. This fee will be charged / deducted as per the original order payment method.
Placement of Skip Bin-   is at the driver’s discretion. This is due to our Public Liability requirements as per our Insurance Company and Occupation Health and Safety Requirements.
ONLY FILL to Top of Skip Bin-  Or to your ordered bin size Fill line Marking. Any overfill may be left behind or we will inform the Hirer to Repack bin or another bin can be delivered at our current hire rates.
Skip Bins are not to be moved-  from the delivery position and access must be maintained to allow safe collection of Bin. Failure to comply will incur an additional $100.00 call out Fee. The Hirer is responsible for any costs to get the Skip Bin to a position that we can then safely remove the Skip bin.
Damage to Skip Bins-  during the term of Hire period is at the customers expense.
No Fires –  to be lit in Bins . [ The Hirer is Liable for Bin / Repair Replacement. ]
Skip Bins will not be placed on Roadways or Concrete Footpath –  without a valid permit.
Permits –  for Placement of Skip Bin on Roadway / Pedestrian Footpaths are to be sourced by the customer.
Fire Ant areas –  require a permit to remove soil, to be sourced by the customer.
As per EPA Schedule 7 –  [ Restricted waste not to be placed in Skip Bin ]
NO Asbestos / NO Tyres / NO Liquid or Hazardous Waste / NO Wet Concrete
NO Paint / Fuel / OIL / Batteries / Tree Stumps / Foodwaste / Nappies
Overweight / Overloaded Charges –  apply if Skip Bin is overloaded or over the allocated weight allowance. These charges are payable at $200.00 per tonne. Mick’s Bins retain the right to leave any overfill / excess waste behind. [ Please note we face Prosecution / Fines for unsafe / overloaded or overweight loads ]
The Hirer is responsible –  for the Skip Bin once bin is delivered.
The Hirer is liable for any cleaning Fees –  to remove any Wet Concrete / Granosite / Paint / Plaster / etc ie- disfiguring the interior / exterior of the Bin.
Payment of Skip Bin Hire –  is to be prior to or on delivery of Skip Bin. [ we will not remove any waste till payment is made including any additional daily charges ]
Dispatch & Deliveries Policy –  Skip Bin Hire charges apply as per our Payment in Advance online order system. Please refer to our Refund Policy regarding cancelling an order.
To Extend the hire period –  we need to be contacted preferably by email 24hrs prior to collection. An additional $20.00 per day hire fee applies.
Refund Policy –  to cancel an order we require 24hrs notice. Once Skip bin has been Scheduled for delivery on the delivery date then no refund is applicable. Refunds are processed back to the card used for payment.
Privacy Policy –  Micks Bins website will not transfer any client data / details to any other parties. By placing an order on our website we will retain those details to perform the service / delivery. Credit Card payments from our website orders are processed by an accredited secure Payment Gateway provider. If you do not wish to enter your details then please make your booking with us by Phone.
Order confirmation –  is by return email. [ we will not be liable for lost emails / orders due to Internet outages any server shutdowns etc.] If you do not receive a confirmation of your online order within 24hrs please ring.
Limitation of Liability –  To Indemnify Mick’s Bins for any damage to your property / Driveway / Pathway / Underground services or any other surfaces as a result of placement or collection of Skip Bin by function performed. Micks Bins does not accept liability for any loss regarding Internet Credit card processing by our Payment Gateway provider.
Mick’s Bins retains the right to Terminate Skip Bin Hire delivery / collection.

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