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Reason Behind Considering a Specific Weight Limit for Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is an ideal solution to remove waste from your residential and commercial properties, it is a perfect fit for home renovations, cleanouts, construction sites, gardens, and many more. Every bin hire comes with a specific weight limit and when you are considering skip bin hire then keep the weight limits in mind. Brissy Bins are leading rubbish removers in Brisbane. We are presenting you with the ideal guide for the weight limits for the different bin sizes. It will help you ensure a proper and hassle-free waste disposal experience. For that, you have to gather some important information given here.

Why Weight Limits Are Must?

Whenever you are considering waste removal, you need dumpsters for the safer waste removal that comes with the specific waste limits. These weight limits are there for some reasons which include:

Safety- The first and utmost important reason for considering a specific weight limit for the dumpster is to save it from hazards during unloading or transportation. When you fill the dumping trucks beyond its limit then it may lead to risks like damaged trucks, accidents, or may lead to road hazards.

Not Allowed Legally- When you exceed the weight limit given by the government guidelines then may end up paying penalties and fines. So, ensure you fill the dumpster according to the transportation laws and local regulations.

Leave Unwanted Impact on Environment- Overloaded dumpsters have a high chance of spilling the weight during disposal or transport. That means the waste will get contaminated and leave a negative impact on the environment as well.

Various Weight Limits for Different Dumpster Sizes

The waste removers in Australia offer a variety of dumpster sizes suitable for different types of waste from your commercial and residential properties. Every dumpster has a respective weight limit for safe waste disposal including:
  • 10 Yard Dumpster- It can carry around 1 to 3 tons of weight and the capacity is around 10 cubic yards.
  • 15-Yard Dumpster- It can carry around 2-4 tons of weight and the capacity is around 15 cubic yards.
  • 20-Yard Dumpster- It can carry around 3-4.5 tons of weight and the capacity of the weight can be around 20 cubic yards.
  • 30-Yard Dumpster- It can carry around 4.5-6 tons of weight and the capacity of the weight can be around 30 cubic yards.
  • 40 Yard Dumpster- It can carry around 5-8 tons of weight and the capacity of the weight can be around 40 cubic yards.

Considerable Points for the Dumpster Weight

You indeed must put the weight in the dumpster as per the weight consideration so you can put the items in the dumpster based on the materials and the waste disposals. There are some vital factors you should not ignore:

Construction Waste- Most of the construction wastes including bricks, concrete, asphalt, etc are heavier in weight and when you are putting them in the bin then ensure it will quickly add weight to the whole, and putting them in the bin after the estimated weight consideration will prove better.

Roofing Materials- When you are considering disposal of roofing material and old shingles, ensure their estimated weight because they are heavy and can add quick pounds to total waste.

Garden Waste- When you are considering the garden or yard waste you must have a bunch of grass clippings, tree branches, and dried or green leaves. Handling and dumping such waste is quite tricky as it goes light when they are dried and heavy when wet.

Furniture and Appliances-Furniture and appliances take up a larger area in the dumpster and are also heavier in weight. So, consider the estimated weight then you are putting them in the dumpster.

General Household Waste- Clothing, cardboard, and plastics came under the general household waste. They are lighter in weight and you can put a significant amount of waste dumped in the dumpster.

Ensuring The Right Amount of Waste to Dump Under Limits

To make sure you are dumping waste under limits and avoiding unnecessary issues you need to follow these tips.

Picking the Right Size- You need to pick the right size when considering waste disposal. Collect the information about the project and the amount of waste you want to remove. This way you will avoid overloading or left airspaces that might cost you extra dollars.

No Airspaces Left- Make sure you put large and heavy items at the bottom and then put small things at the top, it leaves less chances for the airspaces. Ensure you distribute even weight throughout the corner.

Don’t Put Prohibited Items- Always keep in mind that you will not put prohibited items in the dumpster. Some of the items are electronics and hazardous materials so you will not have to pay an extra amount or any fine for that.


Brissy Bins are the leading waste removers in Australia. We are handling a variety of waste disposal under different categories having a specific set of weight limits. You can check that information on our website. Then you can contact us for waste removal from your commercial and residential sites. We work with a team of experts who are well-trained and equipped and make sure the work is done professionally. For more information or personalized services feel free to give us a call today!

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