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Mini Skip Bins and The Associated Facts

If you are in search of cost-effective rubbish removal solutions near you then mini skip hire is the affordable and quick solution. Mini Skip Hire is similar to the standard skip hire but there are some basic differences and the major one among all is the size of the skip. As the name suggests, mini skips are smaller in size compared to the standard skips and that makes it helpful to get rid of residential waste. They are handy and can help take away garden removal, junk removal, and other things easily and cost-effectively. Here we will discuss some more crucial information related to mini skip hire so that you can make up your mind whether to choose this or not. 

Mini Skip Hire is Perfect For

Mini skip hire is ideal for residential purposes as they are smaller in size and can be easily accessible on a property. In most of the areas, one doesn’t require permission to use (but still, you can check with your state’s regulations and guidelines). They are not large but still can get the rubbish generated from the residence like garden or junk waste. This is the reason that makes it suitable for residential use business purposes and renovation projects.

Differentiate Between Mini Skip Hire and Standard Skip Hire

Mini skip hire is quite similar to the standard skip bins hire and works on the same principles. You have to book both skips, the skip reaches your place on the scheduled time and it will be there for specific days (based on the preferences) to fill, and then the skip hire company will come to collect it. The major difference between the two is the size. Mini Skip has a smaller stature. A standard skip can be 31m3 but on the other hand, mini skips range from 2m3 to 6m3. Mini skips are generally made from robust steel and they are not created as standard skis to facilitate the heavy building materials collection.

What You Can Put in the Mini Skip?

Mini Skip Hire is versatile in terms so you can put almost everything in that but some waste types are non-acceptable in that. You need to talk to the removal company before hiring a mini skip. The acceptable items vary from supplier to supplier but generally, that is there for household waste. You can put broken furniture, old and junk, white goods, mattresses, electronics like DVDs, TVs, Computers, and items like doors, wardrobes, cupboards, basins, sinks, etc from the light renovation to the bin. Some mini skips accept garden waste as well. You can check the list of permitted items with the rubbish removers you select.

What You Can’t Put in the Mini Skip?

You can put many things in the mini-skip but still, there are some items you can’t put in a mini-skip. This list varies from supplier to supplier but in general, skip doesn’t accept heavy construction waste or hazardous waste materials. Some of the prohibited items are asbestos, tiles, bricks, concrete, carpets, brick, paper, rubbers, tires carpet underlays etc.

What is the Hire Period for Mini Skip Bin?

The hire period for the mini skips can be different from supplier to supplier, but generally, it is likely to be a 5–7-day hire period with drop or collection day. If you want an extended hire period then it can be easily arranged with additional fees. Check with the guidelines from the removers for the same.

Is Permission Required to Hire Mini Skip Bin?

You need similar permit requirements for mini skips as the standard skips. You are required permission to skip for the placement during the hire time and to where you want to place like on a footpath, road, or other council-like bordering parkland or an easement. Apply for the permit on your own as this is not collected but the skip hire service provider.


Mini skip bins are pocket-friendly options for all your rubbish requirements for house cleaning. They are generally hired for general household waste removal like garden or junk removal. Some business waste like computers, old desks, cabinets, and electricity can also be removed with the bin hire. It is similar to the standard skip but comes in a smaller size and that makes it ideal for people with low waste. It comes in size range from 2m3 to 6m3 with strict policies about what to put or what not to put. 

Above mentioned are some points that will help you give detailed information about the mini skip. You can get one from the leading rubbish remover, Brissy Bins near you. We assure to offer top-value services. For more information and personalized services, feel free to give us a call today and we will fulfill your requirements quickly, and effectively under budget.

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