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5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Skip Bin

In the current era, the pollution is increasing every passing day. It is increasing due to several reasons, such as industrialisation, inadequate waste management, use of pesticides and fertilisers, urbanisation, and more. However, just as humans are the cause of this pollution increase, we can also help reduce it. There are certain ways in which we can help, and the first thing we must do is to help dispose of the waste properly. For this, it is required to hire skip bins and dispose of waste in those bins. 

We must separate the waste as per its type and ability to be recycled and reused. It will help in better waste management. Skip bins are a great way to manage waste, and it is important to choose a skip bin service that disposes of waste in an environmentally friendly way. Here are some of the key things you must consider before hiring skip bins. 

Ensure to consider the following factors when hiring a skip bin:

Figure Out The Right Size

It is crucial to have an accurate estimate of the skip bin size you need. To do this, you should assess your waste and determine whether it will fit into the skip bin size you plan to order. While considering this, you must remember that there is a penalty or extra charge for overspills. Hence, if you are unsure about the size of the bin and whether it will accommodate all the waste, it is recommended to choose a larger size. This will help you prevent any overspill charge and also provide flexibility in case you need to dispose of more waste. 

Know What You Must and Must Not Throw In A Skip Bin

Depending on the waste type and colour of a skip bin, you must know what should and shouldn’t be thrown in the skip bin. For instance, if you have a green skip bin, then you must put green waste such as kitchen, garden, and plant waste in it. Thus, when planning to order a skip bin, ensure you know what can and can’t be thrown in the skip bin. It helps manage and dispose of waste in an efficient manner, thereby saving time. 

Environmentally Friendly Disposal

The next factor to consider is whether the skip bin provider will dispose of the waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Some people dispose of the waste inappropriately; they must know how it affects the environment and causes harm. Inappropriate waste disposal is harmful to the environment. Thus, you must hire a professional skip bin provider who understands the value of eco-friendly disposal, recycling and reusing. This will help us manage the waste effectively and decrease its harmful effects on the environment. 

Understand Skip Bin Permit Requirement 

If you do not have a place and need to place the skip bin in public, then you may require a permit, which will be issued by the council. Make sure you apply for the permit a few days or a week prior to your requirement. Confirm the duration of the permit; generally, the permit is valid for two weeks. However, if you need an extension, you can apply for it by paying additional fees. The fees for applying for and extending the permit will differ from one council to another. Hence, consult them on time to prevent last-minute hassle.

Compare Different Companies And Reviews

When hiring a skip bin, make sure you contact different companies and get quotes. From different options, choose the one that best suits your requirements. There are many reasons why you must hire a bin, one of which is effective disposal. Hence, weigh the service and prices of different skip bin providers. Check their review and how they have served their previous customers. It will help you get a better understanding of the skip bin hire provider and will help you make a good decision accordingly. 


Skip bins help us ensure proper waste disposal and manage waste effectively. If you need to dispose of waste, then you must hire a skip bin. Ensure that you consider some factors before hiring a skip bin. These factors include skip bin permit requirements, eco-friendly practices, determining the right size, knowing what should and shouldn’t be thrown in the skip bin, comparing different companies’ offers, and checking their reviews.

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